Product Features

Fast Valuation

Fast Valuation

With our unique automated proprietary technology, the once tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming task can now be completed in seconds by having the computer do most of the work so you can focus your time and energy only on high potential deals.

Comps (CMA) Report

Simplify your due diligence process and let our technology do all the work for you by presenting analytics that come with a CMA report which includes Sold, Active, Non-active, and rental comps, allowing you to come up with a more refined conclusion.

Quality Data

Our data is a direct feed from the MLS systems, which has been consistently and carefully screened for data quality. The information is 100% updated and consistent with the MLS.

Intelligence Augmentation

Automation allows computer algorithms to accomplish repetitive tasks quicker. This lowers probability of data errors in comparison to human involvement and enables you to analyze data faster and act on deals before your competition does.


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